Touch Bionics i-LIMB Bionic Hand

Ilimb Hand Power Grip

This replacement hand looks and acts like a real human hand and represents generational advancement in bionics. The i-LIMB is one of the first widely available prosthetic hands with five individually powered digits, affording its user a surprisingly wide range of motion.

The i-LIMB Hand is controlled by a unique, highly intuitive control system that uses a muscle signal to open and close the hand’s life-like fingers. Myoelectric controls utilize the electrical signal generated by the muscles in the remaining portion of the patient’s limb. This signal is picked up by electrodes that sit on the surface of the skin. Additionally, the i-LIMB uses dynamic touch detection which can sense when a finger has sufficient grip on an object and thus stop powering. This is especially useful in situations such as holding someone's hand, where too much power can cause, er, problems.

Existing users of basic myoelectric prosthetic hands are able to quickly adapt to the system and can master the device’s new functionality within minutes. For new patients, the i-LIMB Hand offers a prosthetic solution that has never before been available.

Touch Bionics has also developed a "groundbreaking" form of cosmesis, a latex sheath which covers the hand for an incredibly realistic appearance.

Trevor Townsend, CPO, of our Bakersfield office, is the only i-LIMB Bionic Hand practitioner trained and certified by Touch Bionics, in the entire Southern San Joaquin Valley.

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